Western Classical Keyboard

Introduction to an instrument; Structure & mechanism of an instrument; Basic White key note names like C,D,E,F; Middle C position; Right Hand Playing

Music Lessons

Hindustani classical and semi classical vocal ;
Hindustani Semi-classical Vocal;
Keyboard / Harmonium Classes
( Hindustani Style) Basic concept of Hindustani Sangeet Swarpath  

Music Workshops

Western style Piano / Keyboard Workshop – for Beginners Introduction to an instrument; Structure, mechanism of instrument; Basic White key note names like C,D,E,F;

Computer Workshops

RASA Creations holds workshops during the year. These workshops are focused on introduction to computer science ,binary language, computer logic development and concepts of computer programming

Count on Computers (Grade 1-3)
Interactive Computer Workshop for Kids

• Computer Basics

• Introduction to Computer concepts

• Introduction to Scratch(visual programming language)

• Hands on Fun Activities of logic development

• Create a story / game by coding

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Recent Workshops

Web Design Workshop (Grade 4-7)
2 Days Workshop for kids

• Website design

• Introduction to HTML

• Digital Footprint

• Multi page website development

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